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Glass Block Window Installation in Greater Pittsburgh

Glass block windows and walls provide privacy and a beautiful appearance

glass block shower

Glass block showers are a popular choice because they provide a custom look while still offering privacy.

If you're looking to create a unique look for your home or business, glass block windows are a great option. Glass Block Pro are the local experts for glass block window installation, and we can help you get a customized solution that provides the right look for your needs.

Glass block windows are used for a variety of purposes, including bathrooms, basements, bar areas, and commercial properties. We can help you choose the style that perfectly fits the design of your home and give you a quality installation. Call us today at 1-844-857-7287 or click below to get your free installation estimate. We offer glass block window installation and replacement in New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Pittsburgh and throughout the surrounding areas.

Our Glass Block Services

glass block windows

Glass block windows are a great option for bathrooms or closets because they allow natural light while maintaining privacy.

  • Installation: Glass Block Pro specializes in a wide variety of glass block styles, including windows, walls and half walls, bar fronts, and bathrooms. We will send a representative to the job site to take measurements, discuss your project, and put together a design which will satisfy your needs. We use individual glass blocks to manufacture the final product at our own facility. The blocks are then delivered to your home or business for professional installation by our highly trained installers.

  • These two beautiful glass block windows were installed in Brighton Township, Pennsylvania, adding security, insulation, and polish to this classic building. These windows are outfitted with special air vents that can be opened to allow increased circulation, but will never let rain inside due to their advanced design. This customer gained a quality, American made product, and Glass Block Pro gained a satisfied lifelong customer!
    These two beautiful glass block windows were installed in Brighton...

    Big windows? No problem! With over 20 years in the glass block business, our team at Glass Block Pro is equipped to handle any job. If you want to add the unique style of a glass block window into your home, call for an estimate today!
    We installed this basement window in our customer's home in Baden. Featured here is our "diamond" pattern, giving them maximum privacy in their home without sacrificing natural light!
    We installed these big, beautiful windows for our customer in Ellwood City. We worked with them to custom design this pattern for them that is visually interesting while still allowing a lot of natural light into their building!
    We installed these beautiful, wave-patterned windows for our customer in Coraopolis. The wave pattern is our most popular pattern, as it adds just the right amount of ambiguity for privacy yet still looks beautiful and lets in a lot of natural light!
    We designed this custom-designed window pattern for a car wash business in Ellwood City. This two-block design added just the unique touch that they were looking for while stiill maintaining the American-Made quality that Glass Block Pro is known for.
    Industrial, wave-patterned, vented window installation in New Brighton.
    We installed these two vented wave-patterned glass block windows in Shippingport. Glass block windows are an attractive solution that also provide security with plenty of ambient light. Give us a call to learn more!
    We installed these four solid wave patterned windows in our customer's business building in Rochester. Residential, commercial, whatever your need, we can help you find the perfect glass block window installation!
    Our customer in Rochester, Pa was looking to add a unique touch to their window. We designed this window by mixing our clear and wave patterns to custom fit their preferences and gave them exactly the edge they were looking for!
    Our customer in New Brighton wanted a way to brighten up their showroom. All of our glass block windows allow for maximum sunlight, adding natural light and lowering electricity costs! We came up with a solution that worked for everyone, another satisfied customer here at Glass Block Pro!
    View from the side of the building. There's almost half this project captured here!
    We special ordered these vents to fit the customer's larger window sizes. We have the experience and knowledge to accommodate any project request!
    These big, beautiful, windows will brighten up this building and look great for years to come.
    We installed this window in our customer's basement in Monaca. They were having issues with water coming in through their old windows. Due to our windows' waterproof, sealed design, we were able to fix this problem and now their basement is always dry!
    We installed this gorgeous glass block window in our customer's home in Monaca. The wave pattern adds a classic touch to the brick background!
    42x50 vented window installation in Aliquippa, Pa
    38x38 solid window installation in Aliquippa, Pa
    One vented and one solid wave patterned basement window installed in our customer's home in Rochester. If you're interested in the unique styling of a glass block window, you've come to the right place! Call or contact us today to learn more about our products and schedule a consultation.
    This basement window offers maximum privacy due to it's unique pattern!
    Another successful basement window installation for Glass Block Pro!
    This project shows off a 32x20 solid basement window installed in our customer's home in Beaver. This resident wanted a unique solution for her basement window's that would stand out, unlike other basement window products. We were happy to help!
    We installed this classic, solid window in our customer's home in Beaver. The wave pattern is just one of our many styles! Call or contact us today to learn more or to schedule an estimate.
    32x16 vented window installation in Vanport, PA
    32x16 basement window installed in our customer's home in Vanport
    We installed this vented bathroom window for our customer in Ellwood City. They were looking for a strong window that could provide this room with extra ventilation. They choose to go with the "wave" pattern, which is our most popular design, and added a vent to allow fresh air circulation!
    We installed this basement window for our customer in Ellwood City. It is in the "wave" pattern which lets maximum light through, yet still provides the home with security due to it's wavy image. This particular window is outfitted with a vent, which allows for ventilation also, and will keep this home secure and polished for years to come!
    Glass block installations are perfect for creating a modern aesthetic for your home or business!
    Glass Block Pro installs beautiful and stylish block glass windows with custom designs.
    Glass Block Pro installed this glass block garage window in Monaca, Pennsylvania.
    DIY Projects:
    For those customers choosing to do the installation themselves, we would like to welcome you to our showroom to work with one of our experienced staff to design your DIY project. We will then manufacture your products and arrange for your to pick up everything you need to complete your new design.

  • Commercial Properties: Glass block windows and walls make for a nice finishing touch for offices and reception areas. We can help you create a custom design that provides the professional appearance you want and adds a unique appeal to your commercial space.

  • Manufacturing: We proud to manufacture our own glass blocks and glass block windows, allowing us to create custom products that perfectly fit the design of your home or business. Because we manufacture our own products, we can guarantee the quality, appearance, and durabiltity of our glass block products.

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If you're interested in a glass block window, glass block wall, or any other type of glass block installation, Glass Block Pro are the local experts you need. We specialize in all types of residential and commercial glass block products, and we can help you get the perfect design for your needs. Call us today at 1-844-857-7287 or contact us online to get a free estimate on glass block installation! We offer all our services in New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Bethel Park, Cranberry Township, Gibsonia, Monroeville, New Castle, Wexford, East Liverpool and throughout the surrounding areas.

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