Work Requests in Pittsburgh

Glass Block Pro is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pittsburgh. Learn more about Glass Block Pro's recent work requests in Pittsburgh and nearby areas!

Learn more about Glass Block Pro's recent work requests in Pittsburgh, PA
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
My detached garage has two windows that are broken and boarded open. I'd like to replace both with glass block.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Road in Pittsburgh
I am purchasing a new home 1121 Roosevelt Road Pittsburgh PA 15237 (in Ohio Township). The closing will occur in August. I'm interested in having glass block installed for one garage window and 3 basement windows. There is currently glass block in a shower window and in two small windows in the living room. I'm interested in discussing replacement of these 3 with improved or more decorative options. I know most companies are currently very busy and are scheduling work weeks or months out. I would love to have someone look at the property with me as soon as possible to give me options and prices. This would allow me to "get in line" for work to be completed in mid to late September. Thank you, Sandy
Vicinity of Kelly Street in Pittsburgh
Hello we are in need of 8-9 glass block windows to be installed in the basement of our manufacturing facility. the windows are roughly 24 x 36" please let me know if you need additional information
Vicinity of Huntington Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking into replacing a bathroom window with glass block. Odd size but trying to do this on a very tight budget. I believe the size is roughly 25" height and 18" wide.
Vicinity of Pinchtown Road in Pittsburgh
I am in need of two glass block windows being installed in our basement.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I have two windows that may be best to be clock windows. Not sure, but would like to get a cost
Vicinity of Tunnelview Drive in Pittsburgh
We have two windows that we would like to be covered with glass block. They are not functioning windows from the inside, there is a wall there. We want them covered with glass block to look nicer.
Vicinity of W North Ave in Pittsburgh
We have a property where we need glass block windows installed.
Vicinity of E. Undercliff St in Pittsburgh
Need to replace basement windows
Vicinity of Marbury Rd in Pittsburgh
Am interested in replacing several lower level windows with glass block.
Vicinity of Wellesley Ave. in Pittsburgh
I have 5 basement windows I would like to have glass block installed.
Vicinity of Link Ave in Pittsburgh
Garage side window. Would like to replace with glass block. Looking to get an estimate
Vicinity of Perrysville Ave in Pittsburgh
I am looking to replace 7 basement windows with Glass block, and am looking for quotes for this project.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I have glass block windows currently in my basement. There is some that are broken and need replaced. 2-3 windows that will need fixed/replaced.
Vicinity of Sirius St in Pittsburgh
7 glass block windows to be installed in basement
Vicinity of Schley Ave in Pittsburgh
I have 2 basement windows I wanted to be glass block.
Vicinity of Mayfair Drive in Pittsburgh
I have a 34 by 20 block window in my laundry room that has a crack in it and water is penetrating. It serves as a dryer vent block as well. I would like a price on repair and or replacement please
Vicinity of Fort Couch Rd in Pittsburgh
Looking for 3 glass block windows installed in the basement of my garage. See here for the scope of the total project;
Vicinity of Hidden Timber Dr in Pittsburgh
I want to get an estimate for replacement of 3 or 4 regular windows in my basement with solid glass block. We also need a window well to be repaired or replaced, and possibly a basement egress to be added, but I'm not sure those are services you provide. Thank you!
Vicinity of Tennessee Ave in Pittsburgh
New glass block with vent that opens in basement
Vicinity of LaRose Street in Pittsburgh
Estimate for glass block installation in basement of residence
Vicinity of Walnut St in Pittsburgh
Doing a single window, aprox size 32" wide X 41" tall. The cider block wall is 12" thick. The standard wavy or ice pattern, no color. Thanks